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2012. What can I say? It’s been real...

Real what?

Real crazy.

Real difficult.

Real hilarious.

Real busy.

Real productive.

Real sad.

Real fucked.

Real sick.

Real good.

Real challenging.

But above all…2012 has definitely been real.

It has been filled with serious realities that materialized only to teach me more lessons than I thought I needed to learn in one year. 

I earned my degree in psychology.  Hell, I earned a degree period!  I started grad school in mental health counseling.

I learned that sometimes letting go and letting God or how I see God (my higher power) actually DOES work especially when it comes to choosing my battles which means I started coping with not controlling everything; hard work in itself since I’ve been a control freak since the womb. 

I faced a fear and lived a dream by putting myself on the stage again after 8 years and met some of the greatest people I had the fortune of meeting and befriending.

I opened a door to my own spirituality; a door that I closed many years ago.

I realized that marriage can actually be done if two people work it and work on themselves for themselves as opposed to leaving it all up to one person.  Being honest and telling the person the truth no matter how much it hurts make a huge difference in a relationship.  Usually that difference is positive as running away never solves anything unless you are truly unhappy.  Being honest is still the key.  This mentality has been the hallmark of our strength in living out this marriage and our lives together.

2012 certainly had its challenges.  It even left us with a few before 2013.  What can I say?  2012 has been real.  It has been a real pain in the ass with things like evil retail companies and cond-op boards that care nothing for the human spirit, but only for the smell, feel and color of money.  The human spirit is much stronger...

2012 left me with the reality that children really aren’t going to happen and even though a part of me struggles with that fact, I am also OK with it and hope that other people leave me alone about it for once and just let it go because I already have.

2012 has kept me warm with Smooth, my husband and great Georgian wine thanks to my cousin-in-law. 

2012 forgot to end the world and that’s fine because I have a whole lotta living to do.

So 2013, I await you with hope and strength.  I wait with open arms as knowledge is my shield, hope is my guide and love is my strength. 

Here’s to a great new year, folks.  Hope it’s real. 

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