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An Actual Post from Your's Truly...

On Life:

I am aware that it has been a while since I posted anything of substance aside from the showcase advertising.  Life has gotten in the way and I haven't really had time to post actual entries on here.  I remember how I used to post constantly.  I started in 2002.  Now its very sporadic and mostly tweets.  Work, School and marriage really do keep one busy.  I knew that work and school would, but marriage???  I didn't realize how busy I would be at home or outside.  Since Hurricane Sandy hooked up with a tropical Storm last week life has been turned upside down for a lot of people in New York and New Jersey.  I was not allowed back at work until this past Monday.  A crane had collapsed partially on West 57th Street and the building where I work is right around the corner from so we had to work remotely from home until it was finally bootstrapped to the building this past Saturday.  For others affected by this storm there has been no power for over 11 days.  For others, there are no homes anymore.  Many lost their lives.  You would think Mother Nature was trying to tell us something..

On Halloween...

Since Hurricane Sandy wanted all the candy to herself Halloween as well as everyone's homes and power, etc. Halloween was pretty much cancelled in NY.  So, Leon and I spent Halloween at home together wearing our masquerade masks.  It was a nice, intimate time.  We had a lot of fun to say the least.  

On The Election:

Obama won the election again so he'll finish out his term.  I am happy about this as I voted for him, but I also have friends who didn't and I'm OK with that.  So many people ended friendships over voting decisions.  I get that it can get very personal.  I mean I don't want anyone telling me what I can and cannot do with my reproductive system or vagina and I don't want someone to tell me that I deserve to use a wired hanger and kill myself because at that point I'd cut them off.  Or if I was stabbed in the back by someone I trusted, or if someone insulted my husband when he or she had no right to, I'd have to cut them off.  After getting even.  Of course.  I believe in marriage equality and I know others who do not.  I wouldn't totally cut them off unless I was told something really REALLY offensive by them.

But, I digress...

On Weight and Diet...

I was on this diet for a week that helped me to lose about six pounds, but my body didn't agree with it.  The reason being it was a 500 calorie diet.  Needless to say I almost passed out last night at home.  So I decided to stop it.  I did talk to my nurse and let her know and she was fine with it.  I told her my body really doesn't want me on this thing so I am going to just stick with protein and veggies, and exercise.  I'm also going to allow myself a cheat day every Friday.  Because damn it, I don't like depriving myself.  So basically I get Chipotle every Friday, but Mon-Thurs I stick with making my own lunch.  I will have my protein coffee shake in the morning and some fruit and a two cliff bars through the day.  If  I give it every two hours and a half, I can actually get through the day without gorging.  

On Weather...

Today it seems to be snowing and window and quite cold.  I really hope that those without power find ways to keep warm.  I was sent home early today as were two other co-workers as my employers did not want us to be stuck in the city without transit since the MTA is still not fully on it's feet since Hurricane Sandy.  So...I'm working from home again...

I guess that's all for now...

Be well,
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